“Having recently retired, and thoroughly enjoying the space and time this gave me to develop my passions; I was horrified when I was struck down by a blood clot at the base of my brain. I found myself limited, thankfully only temporarily, in what I was allowed to do physically whilst recovering. This was the first time I had experienced potentially life-threatening illness and despite working in health care for my entire career I was unprepared for the impact it had on me as a person. 

My full physical and indeed my mental recovery was aided and abetted by the considered, compassionate and skilled therapeutic support I received from Rebekah in personally tailored one to one sessions.

The skills she taught me to use at this difficult period, the ability to calm my chattering brain and listen to my body and how I can use and develop it, supported me through a further illness when I was diagnosed with cancer and had to make adjustments, some of them long term.

I feel I have benefited a great deal from Rebekah’s care and teaching during acute medical events and how I now move forward long term as a more grounded whole.”

Jan, 65 yrs.

“I have practised yoga with Rebekah for over 10 years. I feel very lucky to have benefited from her special kind of magic and her extensive knowledge, through life’s ups and downs. She has a unique ability to understand what a person needs and to give a practice that will help and support the person, both body and mind.”

Dominique, 54 yrs.